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Workshops & Retreats for Personal and Spiritual Development

Greetings clients…old and new! Are you ready to Spread your Wings and Soar Higher than you thought possible?  Are you ready to Expand your Perspective? I heard a resounding YES! So, I’m honored to say that over the past few years I have been on a partial sabbatical discovering and creating a most unique and all-encompassing L.O.V.E. (Ladies Of Vibrant Enlightenment) experience for your very own personal, spiritual and powerful illumination that will make 2019 one of the most extraordinary years of your life.  The new discoveries are going to blow your socks off! Those of you who know me quite well, and refer to me as a Shamanic Mystical Muse, know what I’m talking about. So…

Come on in and see where you feel most comfortable.  We are here to help you enjoy your Quest for Personal and Spiritual Development!

This site offers tools for personal awareness and spiritual development.

    Our motto:  “Make Our Secrets…Your Secret”   

Over more than 25 years in the field of wholistic healing in the mind, body and soul connection. I have courageously implemented programs that encompasses every aspect of your total Being.  So, while you’re exploring my website, ask yourself…”If I were able to consciously change my life, what would I change first”? Now… listen within to find out what your Higher Self really wants.  Got it? Great! There is no better time to commit to TRANSFORMATION than right now!!!

Belief:  I hold the belief that each of us is a beautiful and powerful Being, here for a purpose, and that this purpose cannot be achieved until each individual makes the choice to have Love – not fear – be the Guiding Force in your Life

Mission:  To assist all who want to experience a Life that is truly Healthy, Prosperous and Happy…in every way possible while achieving your personal mission

Purpose:  To inspire and help others help themselves beyond self-imposed limitations

Campaign:  To Empower and Free 1M women from a lack of confidence and decide to 

 Fall in Love with SELF

Making Your World A Better Place and Your Life More Enjoyable!