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Body Wrap 
   Body Wraps are designed to remove unwanted body fat, serve as a toxin cleanse, treat cellulite, help with stretch marks, tightens flabby skin, conditions the skin, blissfully relaxes the mind, body and soul, work for women as well as men, and are 100% safe and effective.  What else can I say?  Oh yes, there is one more attractive feature; we guarantee a 4-20 inch loss with each Body Wrap, or the client does not pay! 

     In this certification class, you will learn to confidently offer your clients a minimum of three different Body Wrap styles with hands-on practice. Although each Body Wrap is contoured to satisfy different needs, each one will result in a 4-20 inch loss. 

     At least 60% of Americans are either obese or overweight.  These individuals would love to find a healthy method to help reduce their size.  You can help fill this growing demand by offering a safe and healthy form of body fat reduction treatment – the Body Wrap!  Included in this class is everything you need to know to open your very own business, learn how to offer this valued service in an existing establishment and have access to purchasing your products and inventory at wholesale prices. 

     In order to ensure that each participant receives the technical and the personalized, hands-on training, classes are limited in size to ensure your total confidence and success.  Brynda developed the Egyptian Body Wrap technique in 1984. She is prepared and willing to share her secrets with her students.