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Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval 

Contemporary psychology, like shamanism, recognizes that part of the self can become separated; leaving the individual estranged from his or her essential self.  During profound stress, pain or other trauma, human beings often experience what is called “soul loss” – which means the loss of aspects of one’s soul.  

Rise Like the Phoenix From the Ashes
Such happenings as loss of a loved one, automobile accident, surgery, addiction, combat trauma, abortion or miscarriage, and physical or mental abuse are the prime causes. Many current therapies understand that if trauma is too severe, part of the vital, feeling self will split off to lessen the impact of the trauma.  In some traumatic cases, modern psychological literature is full of reports of this splitting off from the body.  Soul loss is an adaptive strategy to the original trauma.  It always touches me to hear a person say, “I put my soul in a safe place where no one can hurt it.” 

Restore Balance, Harmony & Wholeness
Life issues on which you have worked seemingly “forever” without success often indicate consciousness “bleed-throughs” from other lives.  During the Soul Retrieval session we assist you in merging with certain past-life expressions carefully selected by your guides to restore balance, harmony and wholeness, resulting in a secure sense of your potential for experiencing these gifts of Higher Self connection on an ongoing basis.  Wouldn’t you agree that having your complete soul present will hasten any progress you may desire in physical healing or spiritual development?  

Return to Your Instinctive Life
As a metaphysical shaman practitioner, I do not feel comfortable with capturing and bringing back a soul in the way some traditional shamans are known to do.  I feel that the choice to return must come from the soul itself once it learns how the original situation has positively changed. 

Access the Next Level Effortlessly
New energy “technologies” are being discovered and made available to metaphysical shaman practitioners that enable Higher Beings who work through us to do all-encompassing Soul Retrievals which go much higher than 4th dimensional (or the astral plane).  The traditional shaman generally goes no higher than 4th dimension. 

Access Your Personal Guides
With the assistance of Wotana (my spirit guide) and your personal guides, the process is much swifter, more comfortable than in the traditional shamanic method.  With your guides facilitating, we set up a rainbow bridge of communication that brings the fragment(s) and the Core Soul into harmonic resonance. 

Automatic Release of Negative Energy to 
     Be Recycled Into Positive Energy

Sometimes during a Soul Retrieval Session a negative entity that has been “hiding” in a person’s etheric field is revealed.  Bringing a client to a resonance of wholeness makes it impossible for that entity to “dwell” within the person.  The guides and other Higher Beings merely dispatch the entity, directing it to the light.   What’s more, the guides continue to work with you after your Soul Retrieval Session until the integration of any remaining soul fragments is complete. 

Unlock Your Innate Gifts, Truth & Purpose
Upon the return of lost soul aspects most participants feel a sense of well-being and wholeness.  Often there is a return of childlike joy, exuberance and vitality.  For many there is also a dramatic shift in consciousness – a sense of personal power balanced in a new level of heart / spirit connection.  After Soul Retrieval, abilities and talents that previously were inhibited (or blocked) begin to be expressed fully once more. 

Restore Fragmented Parts of Your Soul
Through Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval, I have come to know that each person can learn how to call in your Higher Self and your personal guides to help blend or restore any fragmented parts of the soul.  We can ask and receive from the Higher Self all the power that is necessary to let go of resistance and begin to love the pure and perfect beings that we are.  In this workshop, you will learn how to become your own Shaman!

For a very special bonus, we have decided to include Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval as part of this life transformational opporuntity while we are soaking up the majestic sun and healing energies of the Sedona Vortexes.  

Plan to join us for your personal evolutionary experience … plan on it!