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Body, Mind & Soul.

Nogier, Solfeggio and Quantum Zero Point Wave Frequencies have their foundation in applied biomedical and quantum physics sciences. The Healing potential of these Frequency Waves are still being ‘scientifically’ discovered but appear to have strong historical roots in The Ancient Systems of Energy Medicine. The Sacred Chants of India as well as Sufi, Buddhist, Shamanic & other grounded Healing Meditative practices all employ resonance to these frequency codes. When our body cells vibrate with Healing Sounds, ‘Trauma’ (memory) is released from its contracted state but needs the nourishment of Light Waves in order to be transformed into a coherent energy form. It is our Default Human/Cosmic pattern to feel the need to expand in order to connect & free ourselves into the full experience of ‘Life’. Our cells harmonise to this default pattern too.

So… Do we look to our Ancient Masters for the true ‘Knowledge’ to develop the ‘Sciences’ effectively for solutions to the declining health problems in our global communities? I believe so… Ancient studies in Simple Human Nature can still give us the solutions to our modern & self-made predicaments. We just need to learn to re-calibrate the language in which we talk to ourselves.

The Main Benefits of Light Therapy

    Increases Oxygenation & Circulation of Blood

    Stimulates release of ATP

    Deeply relaxing

    Promotes ‘Cell Regeneration’

    Speeds up most healing process’s

    Relieves pain in nerves & muscles

    Helps detoxify the body

    Simple & Easy to use with non-invasive benefits to cells in the whole body.

We use both ..QuantumWave Low Level Laser Light Therapy

& ‘Avalon’ LED Quantum Light Therapy

at Quantum Bio-Dynamics.

QWL Hand Unit

Low Level Laser (LLL) Light Therapy

Laser Light is a single beam of Light that is visibly consistent in size and intensity near or far away, and is often referred to as ‘Coherent Light’. Coherent Light is specific in one direction that requires a targeted or focused approach.

Through years of innovation and advancements in technology lasers have been produced to undertake a multitude of tasks, from those that cut & burn, used in industry and surgery and those that are used for Healing, known as Low Level Lasers (aka Cold or Soft Lasers)

The Quantum Frequency Settings which are digitally configured to the LLL Light Beams will produce different type Electro-Magnetic-Fields (EMFs). These EMF’s are carefully selected by a trained Light Therapist in order to influence a specific type of healing response in the Client.

Needle-Free AcupunctureQWL w:BV probe

We use the QuantumWave Laser hand held unit with the Blue-Violet LLL Probe set at a Specific Acupuncture Meridian Setting. We then apply a LLL Light Beam to the chosen Acupuncture Points. Children & Animals particularly love it and usually get an immediate response. Adults are generally less sensitive but this depends on the state of an individuals’ Para-Sympathetic Nervous System.