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Workshops & Retreats for
Personal and Spiritual Development

Wellness & Abundance for Life 

Do you want to experience a life that is truly healthy & prosperous
                                      … in every way possible? 


· Would you like access to some of the effective tools I have used in my Day Spa & Wellness Center to help you achieve high levels of wellnessand never have to go on another diet… ever?
· Would you like to learn the in-depth, cutting-edge and extensively proven natural and alternative secrets to achieving permanent weight optimization, preventing premature aging, emotional health and more? 
· Can you commit to improving your health (and your prosperity while you are at it) by making time to attend this life-transforming event? 

Then I personally invite you to take a giant leap forward by joining me at my  Wellness & Abundance for Life Workshop – loaded with wellness, weight loss and how to become abundant in all areas of your life. Full of information that will be of major benefit to all. 

Day l ~ Wellness
Break Through Emotional Barriers  
Learn How to Increase Your Energy, Focus and Achieve More 
Reverse the Aging Process Naturally 
Release Blockages & Revitalize Your Life Force 
Access Ancient “Secrets” to Better Health 
Unlock Your Infinite Potential
· Release Self Sabotaging Thoughts, Patterns and Behaviors

Day 2 ~ Abundance

· Take Control of Your Money 
· Identify Your Top 5 Money Stressors & Eradicate Them 
· Define Your Beliefs & Philosophies About Money 
· Completely Transcend Lack & Limitation 
· Understand & Access Your Unlimited Flow  
· Increase Your Effectiveness & Productivity 
· Maximize Your Self-Worth & Your Net Worth